About us

UAB Normetas is a metal parts and constructions production company. Our production is focused around export into Nordic and Western Europe countries, exporting up to 90% of our yearly production.
The main clientele is from Germany and Norway. Thus, the company’s current production facilities are optimised for asphalt and concrete mixing unit’s production as well as hangar or other similar metal constructions.
Due to high quality and time efficiency demands from our clients, the company’s focus is on just in time production, be it semi – complex machine structural parts (as well as their assembly if required) and/or various metal frame building (mostly hangars) constructions. In addition to professional metalworking, we offer to supply the high-quality parts from our subcontractors to prepare the full package that can then be shipped directly into the construction site. This quality assurance and full set assembly in our company can save a lot of usual logistic costs.
The company’s geographical location provides a unique opportunity for western industries to transfer a part of their production closer the clientele in the eastern countries. This in turn magnifies the reduction in logistic costs by shortening the distance between the producer and the clients while retaining the high quality of production.
UAB NORMETAS (Named Metal parts factory at first) was built and started its production in year 1988. It was managed by Ministry of Municipal Economy and produced tools of simple mechanization levels and other products that were required by the ministry’s other factories. After Ministry of Municipal Economy was disbanded, the factory’s control was transferred to Construction and Urbanisation Ministry. The production portfolio was then increased with concrete mixing machine and reinforced concrete mixer production, various structural building blocks and various non – standard products, such as attachable structures or machines.
In year 1993 the company was privatized and became PLLC UAB Algbarsa and continued with construction and machine production while improving the company’s production efficiency and quality as well as acquiring additional equipment for more complex production.
In year 1995 the company started producing high – voltage electric line towers and other constructions necessary for electricity transfer. In addition to that, the company continued expanding its production capabilities with metal frame structures, started producing railings, street lamp frames, modular bridge over railway sections and other various steel structure parts.
Since the 2013 company’s name change into UAB Normetas the company’s quality and efficiency was approved by western Europe producers. Thus, the company started producing asphalt and concrete production machines for clientele in western countries. In addition to that, the clientele of metal constructions started slowly shifting to Nordic countries. In the following years the percentage of production that the company exports have only continued to rise.