• Metal cleaning (Shot blasting)

    Metal cleaning (Shot blasting)

    Metal cleaning is a vital pre-processing and post-processing operation for most metal products. Different types of surfaces may…


  • Plasma-based metal cutting

    Plasma-based metal cutting

    Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of…


  • Sawing in various angles

    Sawing in various angles

    For many applications, such as cutting bar stock to length, metal sawing is the fastest and least metal…


  • Metal painting

    Metal painting

    Normetas offers wet painting and galvanising as surface finishing operations. Wet painting is done at our company, while…


  • Metal bending

    Metal bending

    Using press brakes made by Dutch and Turkish companies we carry out air forming operations of different sorts…


  • 3D welding

    3D welding

    3-D workbench and modular welding table system allows to weld 3-D constructions up to 24 m lenth